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  • Use this page to contact PLEMSOFT.
  • PowerBar is a powerful Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP add-on utility to give your PC a much needed boost. Enhanced Virtual Desktop's ,Quick Paster ,Email support (Check / Peek / Send), Scheduler, Quick connect to Dialup Network (Internet). Clipboard enhancer , Multi-user aware ,Hotkeys ,Screen capture,Shutdown / Restart, Quick resolution change, Realtime memory monitor, Multimedia built in plays wave-midi-CD-ROM's, Instant drive access,Tasklist, Drag/Drop support, and many many more.
  • PLEMSOFT all the games we have made for
  • New Games offer a laerge selection of free games to play online.
  • Play Games 2 offer a large collection of the best free funny games to play online.
  • Funny Crazy Games is a online game sites, that focus on funny games. give it a try and play a funny game, the site have more then 1500+ fun games to play for free online. enjoy!
  • Download Games 2, list all the best casual games to play, download all games for free and give them a try. if you do not like a game you do not pay!
  • only have the best free shockwave games to play online.
  • 4 has more then 3000 games to play, but not only that ALL games on this site offer a highscore system, so when you join as a member, the system will save all your highscores. That's a really great way to show your friends and family, who get the best scores.
  • ArcadeW offer a large collection of free games to play online, give it a try!
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