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Are you looking for PowerBar,
A toolbar which offers virtual desktop management, Email checking, scheduler, clipboard enhancement, hotkeys, and screen capture ?
click here.

As well as creating great windows software PLEMSOFT are also doing website, we have done many webmaster related sites, and free funny online game sites. Browse around our site and check out all the sites in our portfolio.


Check out our major game site slungo , for this site we have developed more then 45+  slungo games, your able so check out all the slungo games at , please remember to vote and rate your favorite games, it will really help us make better games in the future. we also have ubbx free games where you find the best free online games to play the site have some hacked game versions available, give it a try!

Sorry this site is still a mess :) , we are still adding our sites and getting all the information up to date. Hope you enjoy anyway, if not you could always go to one of our games sites below.